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Academic Excellence on Campus

| Education | October 26, 2016

It is of a truth that academic excellence in tertiary institution is a different ball game compared to the primary and secondary institution, but not withstanding there is need to excel because there is no excuse for failure.

    3 kinds of student study pattern in campus

  • The first category of student study pattern are those who revise there note after lectures either that instance or later at night.
  • The second category of student study pattern are those who glances through their notes/jotters a day after the lecture.
  • The last category of student study pattern are those who revise their a month before exam

  • Without been told, i believe you all will agree that the first category of student have better chances of academic excellence, but the truth is that this is not really true in all cases! Of course there are people who only study a month or less before examination and still perform far better than those who who study regularly. This is because there are other factors that determine academic excellence in school. To be continued….

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