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How To Remotely Sign Out Of Gmail On Multiple Devices

| Education, Technology | April 15, 2017

There are many situations in which your Gmail account could be inadvertently exposed, especially if you access your inbox from different devices throughout the day. Perhaps you had to borrow a phone or laptop in a rush and forgot to log out; or when you need to allow someone to use your main PC.

Gmail has a remote log out feature that’s quite handy in these situations, allowing you to end all active sessions from any computer or mobile phone. Some of you might not be familiar with it but it sits right there at the bottom of your inbox and is just a single click away.

1. Log into Gmail from any web browser
2. Scroll to the bottom of your inbox and just below the last of your received email, to the right, is a section detailing your “Last account activity” alongside a link for more “Details”.

3. Click on details and a new window will popup up with all recent sessions and a button to end them all.

If you just need to make sure you’re logged out everywhere, a single click will do the trick. However, you could also take some time to examine those sessions and identify whether there’s any activity you should worry about or long forgotten apps that you no longer want to grant access.

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