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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
1. General
1.1. This Privacy Policy specifies the manner in which the Admin may collect, use, or disclose data related to Users and to information posted by the Users.
1.2. The User should not exploit the Resource, if he/she does not agree with the provisions of the Privacy Policy, or he/she is under age legally stipulated for the User to be able to make agreements with the Resource Admin, or he/she is not a company’s designated official.
1.3. When logging in the Resource, the user, who enters his/her personal data and/or makes these data available in any other way, and/or commits any other actions within the Resource and/or uses any part of it, is deemed to expressly consent to the terms and provisions of the Privacy Policy. The User provides the
Resource Administration with a right to receive, store, process, use and disclose User’s data under this Privacy Policy.
1.4. Using this Resource, and/or mobile application, and/or any other associated tools and services of it, the User authorizes the Admin to process his/her personal data such as user’s name, region of residence, e-mail address, contact phone number, other contact information as per User’s wish, any other users’
communication data; messages, letters, statements, sent to the User by other users, and
conversely, as well as to communicate personal data to the third parties, in any other country, in accordance with this Privacy Policy and the User Agreement in relation to klikng.com services.
1.5. The Admin bears no responsibility for receiving, storing, processing, using and disclosing of User’s personal data to the third parties unpossessed or uncontrolled by the Administration, and by individuals not being employees of the Administration, even though the User gained access to their sites.
2.0. Information, collected, received and posted by the Administration
2.1. When the User creates new account on klikng, Administration may require for some information such as a valid e- mail address and password. The account can include such user information as his/her location, last name and surname, phone number and relevant information. Users shall be responsible for all information posted by them in publicly available accounts. The User shall attentively consider all the risks connected with the fact that he/she makes certain information, in particular, address and information about his exact location, publicly available
3.0 Use of personal Information
3.1 We use your personal information to provide you with the services you request,communicate with you, troubleshoot problems, customize your experience, inform you about our services and Site updates and measure interest in our sites and services.
4.0 Conclusion
4.1 We may update this policy at any time by posting amended terms on this site. All amended terms automatically take effect 3 days after they are initially posted on the site.

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