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10 Ways to Wear The Sneakers Fashionably

| Fashion & Clothing | January 13, 2017


– Leather High Tops Sneakers. Match leather high tops with stripe pattern leather jacket for a smart casual look. Simple skinny jeans and black stripe top continue the style and finish this look.Winter Wear.

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Read This Before Choosing a Checked Shirt!!!

| Fashion & Clothing | January 12, 2017


Tip: pick the thickness that is favorable to the weather condition.

The first thing you need to think about is the thickness of the shirt. A clear indicator for what thickness you should be going for is the time of year and temperatures outside.

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| Fashion & Clothing | December 18, 2016

​The hoodie has long been associated with renegade

youths, gym junkies and rappers with a penchant

for ill-fitting clothes.

But the humble cotton top is seeing a resurgence

as men adopt an ‘elegant comfort’ approach to

their off-duty attire. So, how does one style the

hoodie, and not mimic a hooligan teenager? Listen

up home boy.

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